Children's Connecting Classrooms Council

The Children's Connecting Classrooms Council met for the first time on the 17th April 2012.

The Council discussed what items should be posted to Africa in the school's first resource box.  Ideas ranged from local newspapers to photos of the school, pupils and staff; a movie about our school; some photocopied examples of classwork such as stories, poems and drawings; and an Olympic torch made by the children.  If any teachers can spare teaching resources and examples of work done in class the Council would be very grateful.

The children also took photos of each other to be attached to the letters they will send to their Pen Friends in Africa then made a list of things to include in the first letter.  We need to introduce ourselves with our name and age; tell our Pen Friend where we live and go to school; give them lots of information about what we like to do; ask them lots of questions; and ask them to write back to us soon.  Next week we will type and send our letters.