Welcome to Discoverers Class!

Our teachers are Mrs Felstead and Miss Horrill.  The children in our class come from years 3 and 4.


In Science, we have been learning about materials and their properties.  We looked at Shrek's house to see what the objects were made of and why.  The door was made of wood because it is strong and hard.  The chair has fabric which is soft to make it comfortable.  The pot on the fire is made of metal so it doesn't melt.

We planned and carried out experiments on materials to test which were best for certain jobs.  We predicted which we expected would be the best.  When we found out which was best we tried to work out what it was about that material that made it more suitable than the others.

The Gingerbread Man needed new legs after Lord Farquaad broke his old ones off.  We tested different biscuits by dunking them in milk.  To make if a fair test, we used the same amount of milk and timed the 'dunking'.  We found that the best replacement legs should be made from pink wafer biscuits as they lasted the longest in the milk without going soggy or breaking.

We tested different materials to see which would make the strongest bridge to the castle where Princess Fiona was waiting.  We made sure it was a fair test by making sure each bridge was the same length.  Then we added weights to each bridge until they bent or broke. Wood was the best.