KS1 have a visit from 4 real owls

In KS1 we have been learning about light and dark.  As part of this we arranged a visit from the Owl Experience.  Bob came and brought 4 owls with him.  There was Ronnie, he is an Indian Eagle Owl, then there was Milligan who is an African Eagle Owl, Rocky is a barn owl and Gizmo is a White Faced Scops Owl.

Bob told us lots of interesting facts about owls.  We found out that some of them come out in the day and that they do not move their eyes, but can swivel their heads instead.

The owls flew around the hall, sometimes only just missing our heads.  Some children got to wear a special glove and the owls flew to them and they got to hold them.  We were not allowed to stoke the owls as they would normally be wild birds.

It was an amazing experience and all the children enjoyed it.