Warren Hills Visit Kingswood Activity Centre, Norfolk.

Twenty-one children from Years 5 and 6 were really excited, because they were about to head off to Norfolk to the Kingswood Activity Centre.  We were due to leave on Sunday 5th February 2012 - unfortunately, weather conditions took a turn for the worst which meant we could not go.

On Monday 6th, the weather had improved slightly, so off we went on Monday morning  We had reached the centre by early afternoon and the first activity was to make our own beds in the dorms, which proved to be a challenge!

After that we were straight off to our activities including quad biking, Night Line and Problem Solving.  It was cold and dark by the time the activities were finished - but not to worry it was dinner time, followed by Singstar.  Harrison did a great rendition of Barbie Girl!.

To finish off the day we had hot chocolate and cake, as it was Melissa and Amber's birthday.

After that it was off to bed, many children could not get to sleep and so sat talking for much of the night and consequently were very tired the next morning.

The following days were just as action packed, taking part in seven activities each day.  These included Go-karts, Team Building, Leap of Faith, Caving, Orienteering, Canoe Splash, Archery, Fencing, Alien Survivor (beach study) and Mission Maker (making own computer game).  They all slept better after full days of activities and sometimes wouldn't get up the following morning!

We had another birthday on Thursday, Harrison, so that meant more cake with hot chocolate in the evening.

All of the children had a go at the activities and many achieved aims that they never thought they could.  We were very proud of them.

A great week was had by all, but the teachers - Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Marlow, Mrs Smith and Mrs Walker - were ready for a break over half term!