7.45 am - Breakfast Club

8.40 am - Doors open for the children - children enter through their class doors into the care of their teacher

8.50 am - Registers are taken in class

8.55 am - Guided Reading

9.15 am - Lesson 1

10.15 am - Assembly

10.35 am - Break Time

10.55 am - Lesson 2

12.00 pm - Lunchtime

13.00 pm - Lesson 3 and 4

15.00 pm - School finishes for the children

15.00 - 17.00 pm - After School Provision

Sports, music, cooking, art clubs take place most nights 3-4 pm
The extended services after school club can be attended 3-5 pm every night
£2.00 per hour or £3.50 for 2 hours a night

Teachers use before and after school for preparation and training time, if you wish to speak to your teacher please make an appointment with Mrs Brown at the office.

Parents are reminded that they are not permitted to enter the classrooms but must leave their children at their classroom door.

Parents evenings will be hld twice a year and parents will be given a written report in the Summer Term.